Outsourcing just got hotter!

Stimulate yourself while stimulating the global economy.

Laborers of Love (LOL) is your perpetual fantasy machine. Create your ultimate, customized fantasy in real time all the time with our endless supply of quality online laborers working just for you. We never sleep and neither will you once you try our fantasy engine.

Laborers of Love (LOL) brings you a new model of online adult entertainment that leverages a global pool of anonymous online workers whose main priority is your pleasure. Our system utilizes Mechanical Turk, an Internet application created by Amazon.com that hires anonymous online workers to complete a set of tasks that are a few steps beyond automation and still requiring human intelligence. Workers get paid a small amount of money per task. Businesses list jobs and online workers get paid to fulfill the tasks requested. With over a million users worldwide, workers are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

So how do I create my ultimate, customized fantasy?

Our fantasies come in a variety of flavors. Want it fast and spicy? Or do you prefer it slow and strobing? Our simple and easy to use online form guides you through the process of creating your own special fantasy. By answering a few short questions tell us what makes you tick!

Once your input is submitted, it gets sent to Mechanical Turk. In an assembly line fashion, qualified anonymous workers individually interpret each one of your responses and search the Internet for the image or video they feel best matches your response. From Bangkok to Bogotá, Miami to Mumbai, our unique online system let’s you watch the process happen through a real time world data map. Once all your content is collected it goes into our state-of-the-art digital blender–shaken ‘n’ stirred. When the job is complete your ultimate, customized fantasy will be revealed.

So why waste another minute – try our desiring machine now!

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